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who we are

C Clark Consulting (C3) is a strategic partner for companies who are frustrated with the lack of results they’re getting from their marketing. We help them improve profitability by increasing engagement, lead generation, customer acquisition, and retention. Our expertise allows us to look at companies in their entirety to identify gaps in the buying journey and align marketing, sales, and service to provide a more human-like experience, enabling them to grow better.

Today, we partner with purpose-driven companies who are looking to make an impact as they thrive in their market. Our mission is to help companies adopt mindful shifts so that they experience exponential growth. So much growth that they are able to impact generations to come, including their employees and those in their community.

our why

C3 operates today to make a lasting impact on communities across the nation. Our team at C3 physically participates in community events, in the 4-state area – Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania, as well as the District of Columbia, to help various populations but our mission is to utilize digital marketing as a way to grow companies so that those companies can make a bigger impact on their employees and in the communities that they are in. Many of our team members serve on the board of non-profits including Amplified Change, a non-profit founded by our CEO, Casey Clark. Our theory is the same as a famous quote by Mother Teresa…

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

We truly believe that our reach and lasting impact will be far greater when working with clients who are just as passionate about helping others as we are. 

our focus

It’s the goal of our entire C3 team to get all of our clients to a point where they thrive in their market and community. To us, to thrive is more than an end goal. It stands for a set of values that we have and that we feel create unity among people and true change in the world. These values are:

Teamwork – We believe in working together towards a common goal and using the strengths of each person to enhance one another’s performance. ​

Helpfulness -We wholeheartedly believe in the giver’s gain. We always focus on giving our time, knowledge, resources and whatever we can to help someone in need.

Responsibility – We feel that we each have a responsibility to hold ourselves accountable for what we contribute to our clients and even to the world. We show up authentically every day understanding that we are here for a purpose.

Impact – We each have the ability to impact one another and those we don’t even know. We take this very seriously and strive to enhance generations to come through our work.

Vitality – We believe in giving renewed strength to those around us whether it be our clients or those in the communities we all serve. 

Empowerment – We take pride in helping our clients become stronger and more confident in their abilities so that they too can impact the world. 

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We love helping companies grow getter and we're on the grow ourselves! To find out more visit our Careers page.
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Client Praise

It is always a pleasure to work with Casey and the team at C Clark Consulting. Casey has helped us simplify and streamline our digital marketing by setting up our Hubspot CRM, creating more efficient ways to track our web content and traffic, building our mail lists, and setting up our WooCommerce shop which allows us to generate passive income. I highly recommend Casey and the team at C Clark Consulting—they never fail to go above and beyond for their clients.
As a founder of KRB Business Solutions, LLC and co-founder of Wholistic Women Retreats, it’s been a pleasure using C Clark Consulting over the past two years. C Clark Consulting is quick to capture the essence of the brand and social media focus. It’s nice to know this important part of our business is outsourced with ease and the C3 team is really fun, too!