Most frequently asked questions and answers

A: We customize our services based on our clients’ needs Most of our services are charged via a monthly retainer and we also provide hourly services. 

A: Absolutely. While social media has become popular, social media channels have the right to remove your content as they see fit. They also have the ability to determine what content is seen and how often. WIth email lists, you own that list and no one can take it from you.


A: It depends where your target audience spends their time.


A: If you are looking for brand recognition, social media marketing can be effective by itself. However, if you are looking to convert people to customers and or upsell customers, there are other ways to market that are more effective.

A: You absolutely should NOT buy an email list. It is actually against the law and therefore, we do not utilize bulk email lists. We follow regulations outlined in the CAN-SPAM Act. 

A: All of our content is original and written in house.

A: Lead generation is the process of generating interest among potential consumers for a product or service with the end goal of having them become a customer.

A: We use a wordpress website builder to alleviate the need for website coding. THis enables our clients to have full editing capabilities of their website and to not have to rely on a developer. However, if a website needs custom code we are able to accommodate.

A: We build websites using WordPress and the HubSPot CMS.

A: With the proper strategy, your website should work as a 24/7 sales tool.

A: Inbound marketing is a business methodology that attracts customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them.

A: While digital marketing is any type of marketing on the internet. Inbound marketing is a specific methodology for getting information in front of targeted audiences. 

A: We offer Outbound Marketing services such as advertising to compliment our digital marketing strategy. 

A: A growth strategist is someone who creates a plan for overcoming current and future challenges within an organization to realize its goals for expansion. 



A: We help our clients implement systems and processes to increase and improve the efficiency of their word of mouth marketing.