Growth-Driven Design

Ready for a new website but with a different approach?

Are you squirming at the thought of building a new website? We understand that it can be a bit overwhelming with all of the time and resources that goes into getting a new site. This is typically how it feels when your website is done as a project, as it is with traditional website design. Because it’s done over such a short period of time, it takes a lot of time and energy and can take you away from other business efforts. 

With growth-driven design, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can have a website that works well built over an extended period of time. Not only do you have more time to put thought into what you truly want, you’ll be able to budget better for it as well. Growth-driven websites are built in three stages and are great if you want to drive optimal results using data and improve your entire company.

3 stages of growth-driven design

During this step, we will have an in-depth meeting to get a thorough understanding of your company, it’s audience and the problems that you solve for your audience. We take that information, along with additional research, and map their buying process. We also get a thorough understanding of the technical needs and wants as well as the goals you are trying to achieve with your website. We use all of this information to develop a comprehensive strategy. 

During this stage, we will build a website that looks and functions better than your current site. This will be a foundational site that allows us to gather data which will help us build out the site over time. 

We will identify high-impact areas of the site using data collected and create a plan on how those areas will be built-out. This could include new pages, conversion-rate optimization, personalization, new tools and much more. 

What you can expect

If you’ve had a website before or started a conversation about getting one, your experience may have been a not so great one. Maybe the company took way too long to respond or get edits done. Maybe they were outsourcing it to someone in another country and the communication not only took forever but your wants and needs somehow got lost in the shuffle. Whatever the reason is for you not being completely satisfied with your experience, we’re here to tell you that we have a pretty solid process that will ensure you come away with a website that you not only want to show to all of your friends but one that actually increases your bottom line and just get better and better over time. Here are some things you can expect, overall:

Before and after website design

Dolan Research International – BEFORE

Dolan Research International – AFTER

Customer Service Institute of American (CSIA) – BEFORE

Customer Service Institute of America (CSIA) – AFTER

C & A Global Consulting – BEFORE

C & A Global Consulting – AFTER

The Word Woman, LLC – BEFORE

The Word Woman, LLC – AFTER

Frederick Chiropractic Wellness Center – BEFORE

Frederick Chiropractic Wellness Center – AFTER

We’re ready to help you thrive!

We’ll talk about what your high-level goals are, where you feel stuck or just need some help and what initiatives you currently have going on. Based on that information, we’ll give you our best recommendation on how to move forward in a way that benefits you and that isn’t just some cookie-cutter approach. 

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