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Owner of Hello Animal Reiki

Jennie Worthing, Owner of Hello Animal Reiki, has always had a deep love of animals and was lucky enough to grow up with dogs, birds, guinea pigs, mice, fish, and rabbits. After traveling to Africa when she was nine, she vowed that one day, she would be like Jane Goodall and live there among the wildlife. Instead, she became a nurse and a mother, and now many years later, she has begun to revive her animal dreams by practicing Animal Reiki.
As an Animal Reiki Practitioner, she is certified in Levels l and ll Reiki and Animal Reiki. As well as being certified in Advanced Theta Healing and Seraphim Blueprint Healing, she has been trained in Animal Communication and O.N.E Reconnective Healing. In a world of science and advanced medical practices, she believes it is very important to be able to offer our animals healing treatment that is, non-invasive, gentle, and effective. Animals are extremely sensitive so she is thrilled to be able to offer them the healing modality of Reiki which is the transmission of loving, healing energy that does not even require that the animals be touched.
Currently, she and her husband share a farm with 4 donkeys, a horse, goat, sheep, 7 cats, 2 dogs, and a fish. They are surrounded by wildlife that ranges from coyotes and foxes to mice and gophers, and everything in between. She continues to have a deep love of Africa and all its wildlife, having made several trips back there in recent years to visit specific conservation sites. Her hope is to use the loving energy of Reiki to bring healing to all living things.

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