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Owner of InnerLift Organizing

Christa Mobley is not a naturally organized person!
As a VERY messy kid (her older brother is still shocked that she does this for a living) she fell in love with organizing when she became a Day Care Teacher. Her classroom had clearly defined activity centers, bins, signs, and labels, and so playtime and clean-up time was easy and fun. She could not have wrangled 30 kids without those systems! She went to work in corporate America, found it very confusing and cluttered, and reorganized her work area…then the rest of the company…then people’s homes and their own businesses…then she started InnerLift.
True confession, she is still a procrastinator and a daydreaming book nerd who puts things down and then loses them! She has always been her own toughest client. She has found that the secret is to make the right thing easy to do, and then even the laziest person will do it, every time. Even her! Unless she’s almost at the end of a good book, then all bets are off.

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